Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the beginning...

Some of you may have followed me over here from 100 Days of Scouting, which just completed the second year.  

Others might have just stumbled in.

Maybe God gave you a stroke of good fortune.

Either way, beginning tomorrow, I'll be tracking the things I do each day for the next 100 days that expand my mind and force me to be more active in my church and with my faith.

Feel free to tag along...and if you are so inspired, create your own 100 Days Reverent.

Tweet your posts with the #100DaysReverent hashtag, too, so the rest of us can follow your growth, setbacks and challenges.

100 days is a lot longer than it sounds, when you have to commit to doing something every day.

Some days will be great accomplishments.

Some will be a hair more than "why did I bother".

But every effort will produce fruit.